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NpLarp - Núcleo de Pesquisa em Larp (Research Group on Larp) was founded in 2011, along with Boi Voador. Both groups are based in São Paulo, the first one focusing on research on this media and its possibilities, the second one, on larp production and trial practice based on that research.

Together they were responsible for making Brazilian larpers more acquainted with Nordic larp and its themes, starting to discuss Brazilian larp and integrating and bringing larp groups into communication as never seen before in Brazil. Since 2011, the scene has been growing, strengthening and diversifying more and more.

Brazilian Larps in english

We translated two larpscripts to English for the Knutpunkt 2014 Conference, in Sweden. They are "Listen at the Maximum Volume" - about a ex-band members' reunion to decide if the group should restart their carreer - and Bitter Cofee, a sensitive game about affections and farewells with kinesthetic features.

The author of both is Luiz Prado, one of the most actives larpwriters in Brazil, who participates in many groups and initiatives.

Listen at the Maximum Volume was one of the greatest bands of all time. You sold million of albums, filled up stadiums all around the world, had your picture on the cover of thousands of magazines and became millionaires. But all of this is gone. Fifteen years ago something happened, the band split up, and your life has never been the same again.

Now after a long time, you have finally agreed to talk about what happened and to see if the time has come for a second chance.

Listen at the Maximum Volume is a live-action roleplaying game for 3-7 people about split ups, sorrows, regrets, frustrations, guilty, vanity and nostalgia. The participants are members of a band that are meeting again fifteen years after its end, in a reunion that will bring out repressed anger and past joy, and give rise to expectations, grudges and the opportunity to forgive and retry.

- Download PDF
- Download Cards (extra PDF)
- Download Booklet PDF (with bleeds, to print and cut)

Sooner or later the people we love will say goodbye. Bitter Coffee is a live roleplaying game about departures and the importance of other people in our lives.
In this game, you will need:
- 2-6 people
- 1-3 hours (depending on the number of participants)
- a twine spool or a wool hank
- strong coffee, without sugar (or any bitter drink, as very strong green tea)
- a thermos
- 2 cups
- 3 chairs (optional)

- Download PDF

Readings about Brazilian larp

We had three articles in KPbooks:

2014 - New Tastes in Brazilian Larp: From Dark Coke to Caipirinha with Nordic Ice. By Luiz Falcão (Brazilian larp scene research) - link to the book The Cutting Edge of Nordic Larp.

2013 - Looking Back to Move Forward. By Goshai Daian and Leonardo Ramos. (Brazilian larp case) - link to the book Crossing Phisical Borders.

2009 - Role-playing games and education in Brazil: how we do it. By Wagner Luiz Schmit (Education scene research) - link to the book Larp, the Universe and Everything.

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